I specialize in Holistic Dermatology

Although Renewed Health is a primary care practice, my special interest in holistic dermatology. A holistic approach views the skin as a manifestation of overall health and importance is placed on addressing the cause of skin conditions rather than simply suppressing them. Through gentle treatments, overall health as well as skin health are optimized, with minimal side-effects.  The prevention of further illness is emphasized.

Please see below for a small sampling of testimonials covering the success I’ve had in treating various skin conditions.

"I was overwhelmed with relief from the freedom of constant itching that I had experienced for so long. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Soihl for her knowledge, skill, and heart-felt concern for my physical and psychological wellbeing. She is a really good listener, very thorough, and was unrushed in her care of me. She comes with my highest recommendations."

− Margaret Tannenbaum, Portland Oregon

"Doctor Soihl took one look at a dermatology condition other doctors had told me to “learn to live with and take steroids” and quickly found the root cause. She's a good listener, always asking probing questions."

− Gloria, Portland, OR

"Juliette Soihl is just what you want a medical practitioner to be – thorough, meticulous and a compassionate listener. In a time when it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the information coming at us, she has a way of quietly getting to the heart of what needs to happen next."

− A.S., Portland, OR

"For 3 1/2 years I suffered from chronic recurring itchy rashes all over my body. I saw traditional dermatologists, who diagnosed me with “age-related psoriasis,” and prescribed medication, which worked at first to clear them up. But, they kept coming back and each time the medication was less effective, until it eventually had no effect. After Dr. Soihl's examination and testing, she diagnosed the cause of the rashes as food allergies. I followed her advice, adopted the diet immediately and all of my rashes have disappeared. "

− M. Tannenbaum, Portland Oregon