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Juliette Soihl ND/LMT: Portland Oregon Naturopathic Doctor

"Doctor Soihl's took one look at a dermatology condition other doctors had told me to “learn to live with and take steroids” and quickly found the root cause. She's a good listener, always asking probing questions."

− Gloria, Portland, OR

"Last winter I had a sever and stubborn case of bronchitis. Dr. Soihl saw me and prescribed an herbal tincture, some supplements, and a bronchitis herbal tea that I brewed each day. Within a couple of days my chest was clearing and in a week my congestion was gone. The supplements have helped me to become stronger and healthier and all of it without any side effects. Every time I think back to how sick I was and how quickly she helped me get well I am glad I found her."

− S.M., Portland, OR

"Dr. Soihl is a compassionate and capable naturopath who effectively guides her patients to wellness and health. I have suffered with psoriasis for 12 years and under the care of Dr. Soihl I have cleared my skin with diet, exercise and herbal supplements. Anyone familiar with psoriasis knows that dealing with this skin disorder can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. On the contrary, working with Dr. Soihl has been a true pleasure. She is easy to communicate with and is readily available to her patients. Dr. Soihl empowers her patients and I have learned so much throughout this process. The positive lifestyle changes promoted by Dr. Soihl have greatly increased not only my health but also the quality of my life in general. I am grateful to have found Dr. Soihl and appreciate that I can work with such a skilled naturopath for all of my health needs."

− Erica, Portland, OR


Holistic Dermatology | Portland Oregon

Renewed Health is Dr. Juliette Soihl’s primary care practice located in NE Portland. Dr. Soihl has a special interest in Holistic Dermatology and she has found a more comprehensive natural approach to skin conditions to be highly effective. This holistic approach views the skin as a manifestation of overall health and importance is placed on addressing the cause of skin conditions rather than simply suppressing them. Through gentle treatments with minimal side-effects overall health as well as skin health are optimized and prevention of further illness is emphasized.

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Dr. Soihl sees a wide range of primary care conditions such as anxiety, depression, acne, digestive problems, colds, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, PMS, hormone imbalance, PCOS, infertility, hypothyroidism, fatigue, skin problems, pregnancy massage, and musculoskeletal concerns. Renewed Health offers naturopathic medical visits which include thorough intakes, physical exams, laboratory assessments and treatments consisting of diet and lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, botanical medicine, massage, supplements, and prescription medications when necessary.

NE Portland Naturopath

Juliette Soihl, N.D., L.M.T is a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Massage Therapist who has been in practice since 2005. Her practice, Renewed Health, is located at the Common Ground Wellness Center in NE Portland. Please contact her to make an appointment or to set up a consultation.

"Dr. Soihl, I saw you a few weeks ago for my perioral dermatitis. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the treatment plan you have me on is working wonderfully! My POD is clearing up nicely and I feel so much better with the new diet. Eating such nutritious foods has given me more energy. I'm sleeping better and also not craving as many cigarettes. I feel so much more confident with my healthy looking skin. Thanks for your time and knowledge!"

− Kim, Portland, OR

"For 3 1/2 years I suffered from chronic recurring itchy rashes all over my body. I saw traditional dermatologists, who diagnosed me with “age-related psoriasis,” and prescribed medication, which worked at first to clear them up. But they kept coming back and each time the medication was less effective, until it eventually had no effect. After sharing my medical history with Dr. Soihl diagnosed the cause of the rashes as food allergies. Within a month of identifying all of my allergies the rashes were gone. I was overwhelmed with relief from the constant itching that I had experienced for so long. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Soihl for her knowledge, skill, and heart-felt concern for my physical and psychological wellbeing. She is a really good listener, thorough, and un-rushed in her care of me. She comes with my highest recommendations."

− Margaret T., Professor

"Dr. Juliette Soihl is a gifted naturopathic physician who treats my whole family including children ranging from ages 8-16. Dr. Soihl provides competent and compassionate care for her patients, meeting them where they are in the moment, and staying present even through difficulty. She shows compassion as she works around issues of past emotional trauma, always considering the patient's comfort level. Dr. Soihl often follows up her care with a phone call"

− R.R., Portland, OR